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Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc. (AMF) -

A nonprofit organization devoted to providing responsible information on alternative medicine, integrative and complementary medicine, and to conserving and respecting indigenous knowledge and ancient systems of medicine.

Black Walnut Tincture -

Black walnut tincture has been used as an alternative herbal medicine for thousands of years. The main ingredients in walnuts that are attributed with the tinctures healing abilities are juglone and tannins. Health benefits include treating athlete's foot, yeast or candida, ringworm, and thrush.

eNatural Therapy -

Alternative medicine information and services in London UK including: reflexology, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy and other natural therapies methods -

Get the latest on alternative and complementary medicine. Find out how you can become more healthy through natural alternatives.

Reiki Training Virginia Beach -

Hypnosis Center of Virginia offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy certification training, individual & group hypnosis sessions and self-hypnosis products.